The one and only Miss Patches... (tnm_patches) wrote,
The one and only Miss Patches...

okay, we just got back from the park not too long ago. 

i saw my best buddeh (and fellow Marauder) Ariel while we were walking. 

she wasn't able to talk for very long, because she's still grounded, but she should be able to get out of it in a couple weeks... i hope.


These are just some song lyrics i wrote back when I was still all depressed about Ian leaving me... that asshole.

Hello, my dear,
where do i begin?
i'm sitting here
missing you again.
and i'm calling just to say
i love you more each day,
and i'd sell my soul 
to hear you say
you feel the same...

good morning, dear.
what is there to say?
i know you're gone
but i wish you would stay
i know we've grown apart
but it still breaks my heart
i'd give all
that i have 
to have you back with me...

good day, my dear.
what else can i do?
i'm all alone
and i'm still missing you.
i just don't understand
why you won't take my hand
i'd do anything
to have you back
please know it's true...

good night, my dear.
i know it's getting late.
i had to call,
this really couldn't wait.
the gun is at my head
i know i'll soon be dead,
you could have saved me
but you didn't 
want to say

you only made me cry

and now i'm going to die

you only made me cry

and now, dear, i must say...


Don't judge me on them TOO harshly, please... i write stories better than songs...



                                                                                                                                                                          *~* Miss Patches

Here's one of those 'better' drawings i said i had. Not my best, but still....  it's me!

Tags: drawings, friends, song lyrics
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