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Notations From a Fucked-Up Teenage Mind...
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in The one and only Miss Patches...'s LiveJournal:

Saturday, August 18th, 2007
2:46 pm
i'm switching over to GreatestJournal. it's basically the same thing, but you get voice posts and 2000 userpics for free, so... yeah :)

if you wanna find me, my username is accio_snape

see you later, 


Current Mood: weird
Saturday, August 4th, 2007
11:37 am
Writer's Block: In The Money
If you won $100 this afternoon, what would you do with it?

honestly, I don't really know... i mean, i know i would finally get paid accounts for here and my Deviantart, but other than that... i don't know. probably just figure it out as i go along

Current Mood: chipper
Monday, July 30th, 2007
4:22 pm
wow, it's been a while...
i really need to update more often... O.o

but since it's summer, there isn't much going on with me...

i swear to god, i HATE my mp3 player....
it went all fucked and stupid on me, and the only way to fix it was to COMPLETELY ERASE it!
300 songs, at least 50 pictures... gone! GRAAHHH!!! MUST KILL!!!

in other news, i finished Deathly Hallows a few days ago...

Spoilers and the like back here...Collapse )

oh, and now for a completely off-topic side note:

I am going insane trying to choose my userpics!!!
i have a 400-piece icon collection on my computer, and they want me to pic 15???

it's driving me crazy!!

~Miss Patches

Current Mood: Pissed the fuck off
Sunday, July 1st, 2007
11:13 am
good morning
i just got fucking woken up so mom and gramma could go to the store ((they needed someone to watch Kori...))
i was having a good dream, too.... meh... *sulk*

so i'm cold and half asleep, typing about whatever thought goes through my head...

this could have odd results.

Current Mood: sleepy
1:32 am
more isLove
video games are love
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glowsticks are love
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fire is love
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harry potter is love
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shoebox project is love
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remus/sirius is love
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my chemical romance is love
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doodling is love
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spacing out is love
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Yeah, that'sLove.

Current Mood: amused
1:22 am
Is Love
remus lupin is love
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so true... and so purple... purple is love, as well... <3

Current Mood: content
Saturday, June 30th, 2007
11:08 pm
just writing...
yeah, i usually write several entries in a day....

okay, so apparently there was some weird orchestra thing or something with fireworks, and me and my family went to go watch...

...I'm hyper.

i got my notebook back from Miss Claws finally...
she lost it! teh idiot!

.......i'm bored. really bored. bored, bored, bored........

when school starts up again, i'll definitely have more to talk about.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                         *~*Miss Patches

Current Mood: bored
5:35 pm
okay, we just got back from the park not too long ago. 

i saw my best buddeh (and fellow Marauder) Ariel while we were walking. 

she wasn't able to talk for very long, because she's still grounded, but she should be able to get out of it in a couple weeks... i hope.


These are just some song lyrics i wrote back when I was still all depressed about Ian leaving me... that asshole.

Don't judge me on them TOO harshly, please... i write stories better than songs...



                                                                                                                                                                          *~* Miss Patches

Here's one of those 'better' drawings i said i had. Not my best, but still....  it's me!

Current Mood: artistic
1:06 pm
okay, so I just got that damn mood theme that i wanted to use installed... THANK GOD!!! i had tried to get it up about 50,000 times, and now it works! ((still have no idea what i did wrong, though

Anyway, i guess i'm gonna treat this thing like i would any written journal of mine... essentially meaning that it is gonna be full of random pictures, uploads of drawings i've made, my bizarre observations, emo-rants, and a lot of random inside jokes that won't make any sense to anyone but me

idon't really have much to write about right now... i might do one of those little 'get to know you' surveys that you find all over myspace later, after we get back... ((mom's decided to drag me and my sister to the park... meh, it gives me a little time to just relax, i guess.))

oh, before i forget, many thanks to mikazukifor the insanely cute Snape and Lupin mood theme~! 

i'll write more tonight, okay? 

                                                                                                                                                                                               ~*~ Miss Patches 

just a little doodle i did of myself while i was waiting for my turn with the comp. i have some better drawings, i'll post them later... ^.^

Current Mood: bouncy
12:35 am
I am new, please don't attack me...
i already have a myspace, but i don't see the harm in keeping one of these, too...

like i said, i'm completely new to this, but i like it so far, so i'll probably stay. 
yeah, I'm Becca.
my nickname is Patches... but only my sisters and a select few others are permitted to call me that.

...is that a goat on the sidebar...?
i'm trying to make this damn moodtheme thing work, but its getting on my effing nerves...
i'll figure it out...

Current Mood: confused
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