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Notations From a Fucked-Up Teenage Mind...

Sometimes you need to be unknown

The one and only Miss Patches...
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My name is Becca, but you may call me Patches, if you so wish. I'm a pretty random person once you get to know me, and people either love me or hate me for that.
if you fall into the 'hate' category, please just leave me alone..... thank you. :D

animagi, animal crossing, anime, armbands, art, black, black lipstick, boredom, bunnies, buttons/badges, cake, cardcaptors, cds, chobits, claws, compulsion, cool hair, creativity, dah-nah-nah dah!, dead bunnies, defense against dark arts, deviantart, dib, distraction, dogs, doodles, doodling, draco malfoy, drawing, emo kids, eyeliner, fall out boy, fan art, fan fiction, fandom, fanfiction, fanfictions, fingerless gloves, fire, friends, gameboy, gamecube, gay werewolves, gaz, gir, glowsticks, good charlotte, green day, gryffindor, hamburgers, hamtaro, harry potter, hello kitty, hentai ;3, hogwarts, horror films, icons, imagery, ink, internet, j-pop, j-rock, jack skellington, james, james potter, japan, kimonos, love, lycanthropy, manga, marauders, mcr, mew, moony, motorbikes, mwpp, my chemical romance, my friends, my webcomic, myspace, notebooks, ootp, padfoot, photoshop, plasma orbs, plushies, poa, pokemon, prongs, purple, randomness, remus, remus lupin, remus lupin/sirius black, remus/sirius, restrictedsection.org, rl/sb, rocky horror, scribbles, scribbling, shoebox project, shounen ai, sirius, sirius black, sirius black/remus lupin, sirius black/severus snape, sirius/lupin, sirius/remus, sketching, skulls, slash, slogans, spacing out, spiderpig, stars, stripy stuff, subconscious, symbols, tak, talking to people, the marauder's map, the marauders, the new marauders, the offspring, the shrieking shack, unplannedness, video games, webcomics, werewolves, wristbands, writing, yaoi, zim