The one and only Miss Patches... (tnm_patches) wrote,
The one and only Miss Patches...

I am new, please don't attack me...

i already have a myspace, but i don't see the harm in keeping one of these, too...

like i said, i'm completely new to this, but i like it so far, so i'll probably stay. 
yeah, I'm Becca.
my nickname is Patches... but only my sisters and a select few others are permitted to call me that. that a goat on the sidebar...?
i'm trying to make this damn moodtheme thing work, but its getting on my effing nerves...
i'll figure it out...
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hello, welcome to livejournal! I guess you're a HP fan, then? :P
Yeah, i love the Harry Potter series :) i'm even dressing up for the movie and book releases!

is that Plum in your icon? from chobits?
I don't know her english name, i've never watched chobits in anything other than subbed japanese! XD It's sumomo from chobits, yes, if that's the same persocon X3