The one and only Miss Patches... (tnm_patches) wrote,
The one and only Miss Patches...

wow, it's been a while...

i really need to update more often... O.o

but since it's summer, there isn't much going on with me...

i swear to god, i HATE my mp3 player....
it went all fucked and stupid on me, and the only way to fix it was to COMPLETELY ERASE it!
300 songs, at least 50 pictures... gone! GRAAHHH!!! MUST KILL!!!

in other news, i finished Deathly Hallows a few days ago...

oh, my god, i absolutely LOVED IT!!!
well, the epilogue was a little fanficcy for me (and who names a kid 'Albus Severus', anyway? ), but other than that, it was good :)
did anybody else go through mood swings every other paragraph...? just wondering.

-I know it was supposed to be symbolic or something, but why kill poor little Hedwig??? :(
-was anybody expecting Mad-eye to go? seriously, i think we all were jus "WTF??" at that...
-Snape/Lily!!!! loveLOVELOVE it!!

i had a LOT more to write, but i just don't feel like typing all of it right now...
oh! but, i seriously cried like a three year old for a solid hour at Snape's death... did it affect anybody else like that...? (in all honesty, i believe i'm becoming a fangirl to him...)

oh, and now for a completely off-topic side note:

I am going insane trying to choose my userpics!!!
i have a 400-piece icon collection on my computer, and they want me to pic 15???

it's driving me crazy!!

~Miss Patches
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